Yacca Paddock Vineyards


This cool climate vineyard is three hundred and fifty metres above sea level, in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.


Looking out over the Kuitpo Forest in the distance, the vineyard has all that is needed to produce premium quality grapes.


Designed with aesthetics and the latest vineyard practice carefully overseen by us, combined with the knowledge and tradition of the vineyard manager Simon Tolley.


The care of the environment was in our minds from the inception of Yacca Paddock Vineyards. We chose a property that needed minimal disturbance to plant the vineyards as the land had been previously used as a dairy property. It was this part of the property that was chosen as the site for the vineyards and the Shed, and the balance of land was left in it natural bush state.


The charm of the vineyard is that it abuts beautiful bushland but that meant we had to make decisions about the kangaroos and the abundant bird life. We decided that as they were there first we would work around them. This is an expensive option but one which we have never regretted.


The vineyards are netted. No stock has been in the designated area since 1997 and the regeneration is wonderful. We have many species of native orchid, which include several rare specimens.


We have had a bird count, a frog count, and a species identification to ensure a better understanding of the land and intend to do annual counts.


Yacca Paddock Vineyards is always looking for ways to achieve better environmental practices for our vineyards and bushland.


Yacca Paddock Vineyards, Member of Hope Forest Landcare Group.


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